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What is the best gaming keyboards of 2020

If you’re looking to maximise your PC setup for Gaming or just for the looks you need a gaming keyboard.


If you’re looking to maximise your PC setup, getting hold of the best gaming keyboard should be a high priority. Besides improving your performance in games via programmable keys and increased responsiveness, they’re a delight to type with and look rad as hell too. Have a go on a mechanical deck to see what we mean.

What’s the best gaming keyboard for you? If you are a real Gamer you allready know that answer. It all begins by figuring out whether you want a mechanical or membrane device. If you’ve got no idea what the difference is, don’t worry – let us explain.

Also, no Gaming Setup is complete without a gaming mouse so if you are interested don’t forget to check out the Best Gaming Mouse of 2020 also.

1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT

The best overall gaming keyboard

Type: Mechanical (wired) | Size: Full | Features: 6 dedicated macro keys, customizable RGB, detachable wrist rest, bonus keycaps

For the PC gamer that wants it all, Corsair‘s new K95 RGB Platinum XT is the only choice. A handsome, luxurious design joins forces with satisfying clicks for one of the best gaming keyboards around. Yes, it’s expensive. But this is a phenomenal piece of kit that won’t let you down. This is the best of the best and worth every penny – a truly top-tier gaming keyboard.

It has all the trimmings, too. As well as dedicated media controls and USB passthrough,  the Platinum XT’s got gorgeous RGB lighting, 6 dedicated macro keys, and a comfortable faux-leather wrist rest. A textured spacebar and alternate WASD caps build on that sense of luxury. 

However, it’s the tactile feel of pressing a key that will win you over. Unlike the older K95 models, these keycaps have been replaced with ‘Double Shot’ keys. Those are built from two layers of colored plastic for a distinctly premium typing sensation, not to mention durability.

2. Razer Cynosa Chroma

The best budget gaming keyboard

Type: Membrane (wired) | Size: Full | Features: Per-key RGB lighting

Like with the best gaming mouse Razer is coming in second again for this year with the keyboard.

Gaming keyboards are an essential purchase if you play on PC, but they’ll often break the bank. That’s why the Razer Cynosa Chroma is a godsend. Although it’s not the best gaming keyboard on offer, it still puts in a very respectable performance at an affordable price.

As a ‘membrane’ keyboard, the Cynosa Chroma is also much quieter than the competition. That’s because its keys are pressing down on a rubbery sheet, meaning you don’t get the distracting typewriter ‘clack’ of mechanical decks. That makes it perfect in a busy household or at work where you don’t want to cause too much noise.

It puts in a good performance, too. The smooth rubber keycaps are satisfying to type with, macro settings allow you to program each key, and its smaller footprint means you won’t have trouble fitting it on your desk. What’s more, RGB lighting adds a pop of color to a slightly plain black shell.

3. SteelSeries Apex 5

The best mid-range gaming keyboard

Type: Mechanical (wired) | Size: Full | Features: OLED smart display, hybrid mechanical keys, dedicated volume control, customizable RGB, detachable magnetic wrist rest

SteelSeries is well known for making some of the best gaming keyboards, but most of them can be a little pricey. That’s where the Apex 5 swoops in. It offers a stripped-back version of everything that makes the expensive models great – namely a slimline design, snappy actuation, and an OLED smart display in the upper right-hand corner. The latter is underused, but it’s a cool touch nonetheless.

Although this model doesn’t have customizable per-key actuation like the Apex Pro, it’s still satisfying to use as well. Its linear keys only require the smallest amount of pressure to actuate, and the build quality never feels sloppy. In fact, your fingers will be flying across the deck once you’re used to its sensitivity. What’s more, the matte keys are pleasingly soft to the touch. It’s a memorable experience.

All this exudes the patented SteelSeries quality – and for much less than normal. At this modest price point, the Apex 5 is superb value for money.

4. HyperX Alloy FPS RGB

The best gaming keyboard for shooters

Type: Mechanical (wired) | Size: Full | Features: Solid-steel frame, customizable RGB, USB passthrough

There have been a glut of shooter-focused keyboards over the last year or so – from Razer, ROG, and beyond – but this is the best of them all. Despite a relatively sparse appearance, the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB makes up for it with exceptional performance. It’s a fantastic gaming keyboard for those who play competitive shooters like Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone.

What makes it such a winner for FPS games? As a compact and portable device, everything is within easy reach so you’re not stretching to hit keys like the left shift. Secondly, its Kailh Silver Speed switches are both responsive and satisfying to use. They’re bouncy enough that your fingers will fly from key to key. 

A reasonable price and USB passthrough for charging your phone seals the deal. This is a versatile bit of tech with no wasted parts. Even though it’s not flashy, the Alloy FPS RGB phenomenal at what it does and more than worthy amongst the best gaming keyboards.

5. Corsair K57 RGB Wireless

The best membrane gaming keyboard

Type: Membrane (wireless, wired, Bluetooth) | Size: Full | Features: Six dedicated macro keys, dedicated media controls, detachable wrist rest, customizable RGB

Even though mechanical options take the lion’s share of attention when it comes to the best gaming keyboards, membrane alternatives are still worth considering. For starters, they’re much quieter. Secondly, they’re often a lot cheaper. And you know what? They’re still excellent.

The Corsair K57 RGB Wireless is one of the best we’ve tried. Comfortable, tactile, and reliable, it proves that you don’t need mechanical switches to impress. It’ll also light up any room with LEDs that are potentially 60% brighter than the competition.

That isn’t what makes this deck stand out, though (well, in anything other than a literal sense). Its membrane keys are almost as satisfying to use as mechanical ones, and they don’t have the noisy ‘click’ of the latter. Additionally, the K57 has all the features – dedicated media controls, wireless functionality, and macro keys – of a much more expensive keyboard. It’s a winner.

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