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Fortnite has been removed from Google Play and the AppStore

The famous Fortnite game has been removed by Google and Apple from smartphone app stores.


The famous Battle Royal game Fortnite has been removed by Google and Apple from smartphone app stores. What about the game and the players?

The Epic Games title was removed from app stores because it allowed users to shop in-game directly at Epic, thus avoiding the AppStore and Google PlayStore platforms. Through this move, Epic did so in such a way that he no longer gave commissions to the two giants. As a result, the two major companies said they had broken their contracts and removed the game from app stores.

By listing an app or game on one of the platforms, the publisher agrees that some of the money they receive from in-app purchases will go to Google or Apple. Epic created a method to eliminate this 30% commission charged by the two major American companies.

“Fortnite will remain available on Android, but we can no longer make the game available on Google Play because it violates our rules. However, we invite Epic to talk to us and bring Fortnite back to Google Play, “said Google representatives.

Those who want to install Fortnite on Android can do so from the Epic website or those who have Samsung phones directly from the Samsung Galaxy Store. On the other hand, it is not possible to install from external sources on your iPhone or iPad. Those who already have Fortnite on their iPhone can still access it, but they will not be able to update it and in the future, they may have problems.

Following these decisions, Epic Games decided to sue Google and Apple. Most likely they will not be successful, because neither Netflix nor Spotify managed to avoid the 30% commission they pay to the two platforms.

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