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iPhones with Fortnite installed are listed on eBay for top dollars

Hundreds of the devices with Fortnite installed are now listed on Ebay for minimum of 1000$


This reminds us of Flappy Birds a couple of years back when the developer deleted themselves the game from Google Play Store. After the phones with the game on it started selling at 1000 $ or more.

Now hundreds of the devices with the game installed are now listed on the eBay, although it doesn’t appear any of them are receiving legitimate bids.

Prices for some listings are reaching up to $10,000 as spotted by Business Insider, for a two-year-old iPhone X with the game already on it.

Users are currently unable to download Fortnite unless they jailbreak their devices – voiding the warranty.

Although the app has been removed from the App Store, those who have already downloaded the game are still able to play it – although they won’t be able to receive any software updates to the app released by developer Epic Games.

Although the game has grown enormously in popularity in recent years, with a 16-year-old from US splitting a $3m prize he and a teammate won at the Fortnite World Cup, it isn’t clear whether gamers will spend the extraordinary amounts being requested on eBay in order to play the game on mobile.

Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, is currently engaged in a corporate dispute with Apple after the iPhone maker took action against it for slipping a new payment system into the iOS version of the hit online shooter.

It is the latest conflict to erupt between a games studio and Apple, which imposes stringent requirements on all developers when it comes to its App Store.

Critics, including Epic Games, say these requirements are more about protecting the tech giant’s revenues than consumers.

Apple has now given the Fortnite developer until 28 August to remove the game’s new payment system – or it will revoke the company’s access to development tools for the popular battle royale title on both iOS and Mac OS.

Epic responded by launching an anti-trust lawsuit, alleging that Apple exploits its monopoly over the App Store, and requesting a temporary restraining order against Apple to prevent it from revoking Epic’s developer accounts, which it said would cause “irreparable harm”.

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