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Microsoft announces a huge surprise for the Xbox X Series console

The new console Xbox X Series “will be the most powerful ever launched”, taking over the Xbox One X.


According to Microsoft, the new console Xbox X Series “will be the most powerful ever launched”, with a processing capacity twice that of the current model, Xbox One X.

Microsoft confirms that the fourth generation of Xbox, respectively Xbox X Series, will be launched in November 2020.

The launch of the Xbox X Series was thought to coincide with the event organized by Sony, for the presentation of the new PlayStation 5 console.

xbox x series vs playstation 5

A huge surprise for gamers who will buy the Xbox X Series is the feature that will allow them to access all the old console games, from those released in 2001 to those in 2013.

Practically, on the new console, you will be able to play all the games on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the first Xbox model. Therefore, we are talking about a total of thousands of games.

In addition to all this, there are 50 new titles, which will be released this year for the Xbox X Series.

Among the most important are: “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla”, “Gears Tactics”, “Watch Dogs: Legion”, “Dirt 5”, “Yakuza: Like a Dragon”, “Fornite”, “The Ascent” and “Gears 5”.

Microsoft will now launch a new option, Smart Delivery, through which gamers will be able to pay for new games once and then be able to benefit for free from later versions that will be released.

The Xbox Game Pass subscription is also available, which allows access to an entire game library, right from the day they are released.

xbox game pass ultimate

In addition, starting September 15, gamers who have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be able to play over 100 console games, through the cloud, on their tablet or Android phone. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series allows you to play these games through the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

The Xbox X Series console will have a slightly different design from the old models, will allow the use of 1TB cards and will run games at 4K and even 8K resolution.

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