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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – The new and very improved foldable

Take a look at this beauty pice of tech made by Samsung. Style, ergonomics, Hardware, Software. It has it all in one!


A while ago we talked about the foldable phones and then Microsoft came up with there Surface Duo. Yeah, we said that foldable phones are not ready for day to day users because of a lot of main futures that were not ready yet.

And then Samsung released the Galaxy Z Fold 2. I’m not saying that Microsoft Surface Duo is not good, I’m just saying that the only good improvements that that smartphone has are the bezzles. And there are extremely well done.

But Samsung came up and step up to the game and now on the market, there is the Z Fold 2 with 3 very good improvements.

1. The Cover Camera

As you know the Fold 1 hade this huge camera spot in the flip mode that cut off a big and important part of the display. The camera was very good and it was flagship quality but the size of it was just not ready. It’s good that Samsung can test out there products out in the open because like this they see exactly how to redesign and improve the next generation of that phone.

Now on the new Galaxy Z Fold 2, the camera module in the “front” was replaced by the new Note 20 series spot on camera that is 10Mpx. But don’t let it fool you, it does a wonderful job for photos because of all the AI that is in the software, even better than the S20 Ultra front camera. And it’s so small that in the image that I presented above is not even seeable.

2. The Hinge

Yes, they did it. Samsung finally found a hinge that is very good and unique for there Flip Foldables. the style is the same as the previews Fold Phone and that is the unique part that differentiates Samsung‘s Fold from other Foldables.

The improvement comes when is not a Flip anymore and is a real Foldable. Like the name suggested is a combination of the Z Fold and the Flip.

You can let your display in any position and it will just stick like that. That is a massive improvement for a display of 6,2” from 4.6″. And because Samsung worked on the Android software also the big hinge in the middle has a lot of sensors attached to it.

The sensors connect to the AI in the software and now it can see if the phone is half opened and treat the majority of apps like a normal 2 display laptop. The calendar has is if you’re like me and have to note down a lot of events, even the camera software treat it different from the display halfway opened.

3. The Front Display

As you probably know the front display on the first Fold was tiny whit super big unused surface around it. That was not good because not only that you couldn’t use it for many things but it just did not feel right.

Then this happened and Samsung reconstructed the front display putting the accent on it. The big 7,6” display on the front is a massive tech revolution for style on a foldable device. And also has a 120hz refresh rate. Now is more practical because when you use the Z Fold 2 you don’t need to open the phone for everything that you do on it. It feels like a normal smartphone and now you can use the big display for things that are really doable on a big display, like watching a video, working, photo and video editing and so much more.

Our Conclusion

Samsung outdid themself this time. The new Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a big and very good made successor of the Galaxy Fold One. It’s a flagship and it will cost around 2000$ but it’s a great piece of tech and if it feeds your needs then go and buy it!

Rest of the specifications

A Snapdragon 865+ with 12GB RAM and 256GB of storage memory UFS 3.1. The battery has been also improved from 4235 mAh to 4500 mAh and now support fast charging and it comes with a 25W charger.

3 cameras on the back: the main of 12 megapixels with F/1.8 OIS and dual pixel autofocus, the second of 12 megapixels telephoto with 2x zoom and F/2.4, and the third also 12 megapixels but ultrawide with F/2.2.

Galaxy z fold 2 product specifications
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