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The PS5 plated in 24K gold: 10,000$ for a very limited luxury product

In case the day wasn’t interesting enough, British luxury goods firm Truly Exquisite has revealed there gold PS5.


In case the day was not interesting enough, the British firm of luxury products Truly Exquisite has revealed that the gold PS5 can be reserved from next September 10 for 8,099 pounds, with the change is about 10,513 dollars. What do you want? It’s a 24K gold console!

And that is the economic model. Apart from the gold PS5, Truly Luxury offers two other luxury finishes: one in 18k rose gold that will cost 8,199 pounds (about 10,642 dollars) and the other consisting of a platinum-plated PS5 for 8,299 pounds (about 10,772 dollars).

Let’s see, if you have already got dizzy, calm down because there is good news. They will also offer the PS5 version without a disc player in 24k gold plated for £ 7,999, 18k rose gold for £ 8,099 and platinum for £ 8,199.

Those prices include a PS5, two DualSense, and a 3D Pulse headset. The console will be presented in a wooden box and in total only 250 units of each of the models will be produced. Of course, Truly Exquisite ships the console anywhere in the world without shipping costs and with insurance. Just in case.

They have also shown the DualSense and the gold-plated headset separately with prices of 649 pounds (about 842 dollars) for the controller and 399 pounds (about 517 dollars) for the headphones.

Let’s see when Sony decides to release the price of the PS5. Of that of a lifetime.

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